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SMDV Diffuser-50 — Professional 20×20

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  • Extremely fast assembly by snaping six rods into the edge of the speedring
  • Simple take down – pinch tabs on the back of the speedring to release the rods
  • The curved handy grip allows you to easily move the direction of the diffuser
  • Super light weight, small storage space with handy carrying case!
  • 24 Month Manufacture Warranty

The SMDV Diffuser 50 is an easily transportable alternative to standard softboxes. The unique speed ring is specially created for speed light systems only. The softbox shell is made from a ripstop style nylon (to minimize wear and tear), the inside of which is silver coated to increase reflection. Inner and outer diffusers are also made from ripstop style nylon for added light softening. The ‘L’ bracket allows the speed light to be moved multi-directionally by tightening the locking screws, adjustable for almost every speedlight. The fiberglass frame is sturdy yet flexible and high quality; durable fabrics and fast close pinch tabs on the speed ring, make this ideal for photographers on the go!

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Written by norristimothy22

June 4, 2013 at 7:26 pm

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