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Excellent underwater solution, won the 2005 Korean consumer award to best new product. Since then Dicapac’s popularity has spread worldwide due to its reliability, simplicity and affordable price. This is your opportunity to get this item at direct distributors price. Comparing against a hard case, this underwater housing will allow similar use of functions on the camera, in many cases can go deeper and can be purchased at a small fraction of the price a hard case will cost. How deep can I go? On the box there is a JIS (JAPANESE STANDARD) approval depth rating of 5 meters. Although these cases were originally approved for a depth of 5 meters, the manufacturer has conducted extended safety depth tests for me to fully guarantee that these product can safely go on depths up to 18 meters or 56 feet without leakage. What is included with this purchase? -Water housing -Handling necklace -Zoom ring extender if applicable -UV coated view -Full set of detailed usage and care instructions Some details of the product….. -Great for diving, snorkeling, water sports, rainy days and pool, lake or river pictures -Fully weatherproof -Reusable seals that can be used hundreds of times -High resistance and each unit is pre tested on production IMPORTANT: A full set of detailed instructions includes the performance of a pre test every time you are planning on using this waterproof housing. Similar tests are also given for hard case housings. Please follow clear instructions prior to use and enjoy the new frontier of taking great quality underwater pictures. 3 MONTHS FULL WARRANTY AGAINST MANUFACTURING DEFECTS
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Written by norristimothy22

June 23, 2016 at 3:04 am

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