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2005 Suzuki VL 800 Intruder Volusia C50 Oil Cooler

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2005 Suzuki VL 800 Intruder Volusia C50 Oil Cooler

Motorcycle Oil Coolers are either configured as a radiator style cooler with cooling fins, or an intercooler that fits between the engine block and the spin on oil filter. In either case, the Oil Cooler increases the engines ability to dissipate heat. The Condition of this part is Used.

This item will be straight and will not leak. Due to the location of this part on the bike, cosmetic imperfections are considered normal wear, but will not effect the performance of the part.

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Excellent underwater solution, won the 2005 Korean consumer award to best new product. Since then Dicapac’s popularity has spread worldwide due to its reliability, simplicity and affordable price. This is your opportunity to get this item at direct distributors price. Comparing against a hard case, this underwater housing will allow similar use of functions on the camera, in many cases can go deeper and can be purchased at a small fraction of the price a hard case will cost. How deep can I go? On the box there is a JIS (JAPANESE STANDARD) approval depth rating of 5 meters. Although these cases were originally approved for a depth of 5 meters, the manufacturer has conducted extended safety depth tests for me to fully guarantee that these product can safely go on depths up to 18 meters or 56 feet without leakage. What is included with this purchase? -Water housing -Handling necklace -Zoom ring extender if applicable -UV coated view -Full set of detailed usage and care instructions Some details of the product….. -Great for diving, snorkeling, water sports, rainy days and pool, lake or river pictures -Fully weatherproof -Reusable seals that can be used hundreds of times -High resistance and each unit is pre tested on production IMPORTANT: A full set of detailed instructions includes the performance of a pre test every time you are planning on using this waterproof housing. Similar tests are also given for hard case housings. Please follow clear instructions prior to use and enjoy the new frontier of taking great quality underwater pictures. 3 MONTHS FULL WARRANTY AGAINST MANUFACTURING DEFECTS
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Infertility Insurance – Limits, Mandates and ObamaCare – How to Pay For Infertility Treatment

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Because infertility is a health problem it should be covered by your employer’s group health plan. Well, it probably isn’t – so you better check your policy details. Insurer’s classify it as optional treatment, like liposuction or breast reduction surgery. If you’re feeling the fears, anxiety, and mental weight of going month after month without becoming pregnant, you know it’s a real and serious health problem.Infertility Insurance – It’s the Law in 15 States Before you panic, check for mandated infertility treatment in your state. Fifteen states have laws specifically requiring insurers to provide some coverage – most likely limited coverage – for infertility treatment. Here’s the list: California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Arkansas, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, West Virginia and Rhode Island.But if you’re in one of these states, check the details about coverage limits because they vary greatly – some really generous and some ridiculously limited. More advanced treatments such as IVF and egg donation may not be covered. And even if you live in a state mandating liberal coverage, your group health plan may be excluded under the law because your employer is a small company. Or the definition of infertility may exclude your case – really, check the law.No Mandated Coverage in Other StatesIn the 35 states without laws requiring infertility insurance coverage, you’re dependent on the generosity of your employer’s health plan. But only about one in four plans cover infertility treatment. Those plans impose limits on specific types of treatment or extent of treatment or dollar limits on treatments or drugs. So your out-of-pocket costs will probably be significant even if you have some coverage.New Federal Health Care Law – ObamaCarePresident Obama’s health care initiative has been highly touted as a big improvement, a broad overhaul that will bring expanded coverage and fairness across the board. Maybe it will, but don’t count on it to provide comprehensive infertility insurance coverage. Consider:- If you need help now, or even next year, it won’t help you. Some benefits in the law are in effect now, but the vast majority of changes to insurance coverage won’t be implemented until 2013.- Nothing in the new law’s 2,000+ pages specifically addresses coverage for infertility treatment or implies mandated coverage for infertility. There may or may not be some coverage, we won’t know until full details are worked out.What to DoBe realistic – you can only deal with the here and now. If the reality of infertility treatment cost is overwhelming and you are committed as a couple to having children, consider these steps:- Get a realistic estimate of the likely costs for the full course treatment you will need.- Carefully examine details of the insurance plans covering each of you to determine exactly what costs will be covered.- If one partner’s plan is more generous than the other’s, consider shifting to the plan with better infertility coverage.- Otherwise, you might consider changing jobs, if you have the opportunity to work for a company with especially generous insurance benefits.- Finally, consider relocating to a state with better mandated coverage.If none of those options are available, you will probably have to pay for infertility treatments from resources available to you. With the cost established, consider these possible sources:- Your infertility clinic may offer payment plans or guarantees to cap your costs at a certain level. Carefully evaluate those plans before agreeing.- If you have a flexible-spending account for health costs, it can be used to pay for infertility treatment.- You can withdraw from your 401-K account, but beware of the tax bite you may incur.- If you have lived in your home for a few years, you may have enough equity to get a home equity loan at a very favorable rate.- Your parents (eager future grandparents) may be able and willing to help.

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