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Orion 2

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  • This thorough kit of 2″ telescope accessories presents an affordable introduction to lower-power, wide-field stargazing – ideal for anyone interested in exploring deep-sky objects
  • Kit includes three 2″ Orion DeepView telescope eyepieces – 42mm, 35mm, and 28mm focal lengths
  • The included 2″, 2x Barlow lens allows you to double the magnification of each included telescope eyepiece for versatile performance
  • Included 2″ Orion SkyGlow Broadband Filter helps combat light pollution so you can get the most out of your wide-field observations
  • Everything fits nicely in the included pluck-foam accessory case

Sometimes less is more. With most telescopes you can often see deep-sky objects better at lower magnifications and with a wider field of view. You can increase the true field of view of your telescope and lower the power with the Orion 2″ Telescope Accessory Kit! This assortment of a carrying case with pluckable foam (so you can arrange your accessories inside any way you desire), three 2″ DeepView eyepieces, and Orion 2″ 2x Barlow lens and a 2″ OrionSkyGlow Broadband Filter gives you a perfect introduction to the advantages of 2″ accessories for deep space viewing. The telescope eyepieces in this affordable kit include the Orion 42mm, 35mm, and 28mm focal length DeepView models which are optimized for bright, low-power, wide fields of view. The included 2″, 2x Barlow lens allows you to double the magnification of any of the three included eyepieces, allowing you to achieve a total of six possible magnification options. We’ve also included a 2″ SkyGlow Broadband Filter which will help combat the ill effects of light pollution and optimize your wide-field observations. Remember, while 2″ eyepieces and accessories have definite advantages for deep sky observers, you must have a telescope focuser with a 2″ holder that will accept 2″ eyepieces.

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June 10, 2013 at 4:45 pm

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